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Today’s Items of Interest – 11-27-2011

About manipulation in the Silver Markets from Ed Steer Casey Report 11/22/2011:

“Silver analyst Ted Butler had a fairly big report to subscribers on Saturday…and here are two and a half free paragraphs…

“It [has occurred] to me that it is financial terrorism that best describes the behavior of the manipulators in the silver market. When a world commodity, like silver, declines 30% in a matter of days [twice this year], or when it declines 7% in a day [Thursday] for no good economic reason, it is natural to wonder why that occurred. When the only plausible explanation is that the sell-offs occurred as a deliberate attempt to scare innocent holders out of the market through fear and intimidation [of further loss], is that not financial terrorism?”

“As I’ve indicated previously, the key to these sudden and sharp silver sell-offs is in the sequence of events. In every single instance, it is never a case of investors suddenly deciding to sell and that collective selling action which precipitates the price decline. Rather, it is always the case of the price first being suddenly rigged lower [at the quietest of trading times] and investors then reacting to those lower prices and selling after the price has come down. Also, in every single instance, those who initiated the suddenly lower prices [the COMEX commercials], then reap the whirlwind of their financial terrorism by buying all the positions they were able to intimidate into being sold. Scare folks into selling so that the financial terrorists can then buy from those that had been terrorized.”

“This is a crooked, rotten racket that has been going on for decades in silver. The only difference is that it is not al Qaeda or some militant terrorist group at work, but a consortium of leading banks and firms financially terrorizing that segment of the public that has chosen to invest in silver. Instead of being organized by bin Laden, the silver terrorists are organized and protected by the CME Group.”‘


from The New York Times:

In Nervous Market, Gold Gains Respectability


Today’s Items of Interest

Bill Black @ #occupywallstreet on Arresting Banksters – Interesting Video

Ben Davies – One Chart Says it All, Extremely Bullish for Gold – Just like it says

Think the Gold Bull Market is over? Look at this:

how investors were vested at end of 2010



Today’s Item

Renminbi Kilobar – Another Sign of China’s Growing Role in the Gold Market

by Alena Mikhan and Andrey Dashkov (Casey Research)

This week the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) – a bullion exchange based in Hong Kong – started trading gold quoted in Chinese yuan. The contract, called Renminbi Kilobar Gold, is promoted as offering investors a “double safe haven” – exposure to both gold and an appreciating currency. This line of thought nicely accompanies China’s intention to boost the yuan’s international appeal. It is expected that this product will attract retail and institutional investors alike from both the Chinese mainland and overseas.